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July 7th, 2017report
HPC® Consultative Sales Skills Training –
1 day program for Thai sales and business personnel <Report>
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We (CICOM BRAINS UBCL CO., LTD.) held “HPC® Consultative Sales Skills Training - 1 day program for Thai sales and business personnel on July 7th, 2017.

What is the course about?

In this course, you will learn "Effective Methods to Understand Customers’ Needs", "Successful Salesperson Mindset", and other valuable tools from a Thai certificated instructor in Thai.

The curriculum is made up of interactive lectures, practical mini-exercises and pair role plays, allowing participants to put into practice the knowledge and techniques of HPC® both during and after the training.

Key Benefits---For participants with several years sales experience

  • How to more effectively build relationships of trust with clients
  • How to incorporate more consultative selling techniques
  • How to clearly identify customer needs and propose solutions

Key Benefits---For participants with little sales experience

  • Recognize what it takes to be a successful salesperson
  • Understand the consultative selling approach and techniques
  • Learn from more experienced participants

How was the training?

It was very impressive that participants maintained their focus throughout the day. They also seemed to enjoy the exercises very much. Given the richness of material and overall enthusiasm of the class, the time seemed to go by very quickly. It was also a good opportunity for participants from different companies and different careers get to know each other and built a positive friendship throughout the discussions and role-playing.

We believe using the HPC® framework will improve your sales performance more effectively and efficiently. Begin putting the knowledge and techniques you have learned into practice today and you will soon see the results.

Participant Profile


Participant Satisfaction


What is HPC®?


HPC®is an essential principle for an effective salesperson. Any sales conversation, be it a spontaneous elevator pitch or an hour long sales meeting, must cover three key elements - HEARING, PROPOSING, and CLOSING. To understand what the customer really needs, active listening is crucial to making an appropriate proposal on the spot.

Q.Why did you participate in this program?
  • I wanted to gain more knowledge in sales.
  • I wanted to improve my sales skill and update knowledge for a better result.
  • I wanted to increase sales performance and implement the knowledge to my work.
  • To enhance sales techniques, expand my vision and learn Japanese selling techniques.
  • I thought this program might be useful because the content is developed by Japanese company. etc.
Q.What did you get out of this program?
How can you use this training program in your company?
  • This workshop made me realize the importance of listening to customers more carefully.
  • This training realized me that the customers may not tell us or not know what they really want, and how I should prepare for it.
  • After participated in this program, I will be able to understand customer requests and how to solve their problem more clearly.
  • The instructor is high-experienced and provides useful sales technique and new knowledge with us. The content is very interesting.
  • I understood HPC® method very clearly. I will be able to use those techniques in my workplace right away.
  • I increased self-confidence and learned the right way of selling. It will allow me to prevent/reduce the percentage of customer loss. etc.

Learn practical sales techniques
through an effective, proven program

This HPC® sales training program was first developed in Japan and has been provided to many of the leading Japanese companies over the past 20 years. It is now is being offered in China, Singapore, Indonesia and here in Thailand.

We believe that it is critical for any corporation to ensure their sales employees are equipped with active listening and consultative selling skills to really understand customer needs, make appropriate proposals, and provide the best possible solutions. This will allow you to compete more effectively in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

It is our pleasure to be your talent development partner and to support your company’s future growth and success. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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