Improve client performance and advance
a global business society. President and CEO, Representative Director Tadayasu Nishida

Tadayasu Nishida

CICOM BRAINS is a company which supports clients’ business by building a strong learning environment, identifying and motivating talent, and optimizing training. Our goal is to exceed client expectations by continuously offering new insights.

We have been devoted to these three principles since our inception.

1. Open Solution Development

Develop advanced concepts and tools such as study contents to address new management issues, reliable assessment tools, and Big Data analysis of training programs by ICT through collaboration with domestic and overseas experts.

2. Building Human Networks

Work with lecturers, facilitators, mentors, and coaches with extensive business experience to help client staff reach their fullest potential. Address client's global needs while addressing local cultural and language factors.

3. Structuring Expert Organization

Provide consultants who can be relied upon by clients as trusted partners, as well as staff with high planning and operational abilities.

We started the business in 1996 by introducing case studies in management training and proposing innovation such as formalizing sales skills. Although we focus mainly on Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, we leverage best practices from around the world to contribute to the development of a global business society.


A human resource learning partner that
takes a more active and deeper role in
helping to meet your medium and
long-term goals. Chairman, Representative Director Katsuyuki Torii

Katsuyuki Torii

Companies have strategies to reach their medium and long-term goals and objectives which necessitate specific skills and an organizational culture to execute them. Having the proper learning environment is key to making this happen. This is especially true the more diversified an organization becomes and the greater the role change management plays. Instilling a common set of values throughout the organization or producing leaders that will drive reform also requires a learning environment that nurtures and supports such actions.

In this context, the meaning of the word “training” is changing. Until now, formulating a training plan has entailed determining what program to carry out with respect to the target group and when and where to hold it. Today training has taken on a greater meaning. It is no longer a one-time event but a set of inter-related learning activities that allow a company to pursue its objectives in a more efficient and effective manner.

CICOM BRAINS has taken this same approach in developing its training / learning materials and programs. This includes gathering information on the organizational needs and goals to determine the appropriate content and participants, providing a system that fosters mutual learning on a regional or global basis without the need to gather in single location, designing group training to raise the level of impact on the individual and organization, recording and analyzing learning behavior and participation attitudes, promoting application of learning concepts in the workplace, and measuring business results.

Our training looks beyond the impact on participants, taking into account other stakeholders that will benefit by it. As learning partners, we believe that it is of upmost importance for our clients to achieve their objectives. We hope to join you in helping you reach yours. Thank you.