Engaging Senior managementSelection and training of Next-Generation Executive Management candidates as well as role definition and performance assessment.

What kind of skills must managers have in the future?

Ability to develop and communicate future goals
  • ・Develop and communicate the business vision to staff as well as motivate them to achieve it by helping them understand how their job contributes to the goal.
  • ・Staff will take the initiative once they have ownership of their work.
  • ・Diversity of values can become a team enabler instead of a team disabler.
Each failure brings people one step closer to success.
  • ・Solutions to new problems are brought about by exploring new territory.
  • ・Personal and group biases often impact the quality of decisions.
  • ・Continuous improvement of the PDCA cycle will aid in the organization's success.
Staff relationships need to be built upon real trust.
  • ・Assigning the right roles to the right people will aid in the staff's development.
  • ・Using teaching, coaching, and empowerment to train staff.
  • ・Timely and honest feedback will strengthen staff relationships and lead to individual growth.