Junior StaffTo develop a self-learning and development mindset / Activities made into habits with the “Learning from Experience” model / Assertive communication skills

  • Solution

Examples of Issues and Solutions

Customer Issues 1
  • ・Want junior staff to be able to think on their feet as quickly as possible
  • Commitment to organizational goals should be strengthened
    ※Need to understand the direction of the organization and to contribute towards that end
  • Ability to have productive conversations with the people around them
  • Need to learn from experience, and create and utilize better ways to carry out future work
  • Learn basics of logical thinking so as to better identify problems, think of solutions, and execute them
Customer Issues 2
  • Turnover of junior staff should be prevented, whenever possible.

[For Junior staff]

  • Create an environment where junior staff can speak out when they are unhappy or feel something is wrong
  • Understand the causes of stress and how to address it
  • Enhance organizational skills to improve productivity

[For Bosses, and OJT Trainers]

  • Improve communication skills (commending, reprimanding, teaching, coaching) with junior staff
Customer Issues 3
  • Obtain the necessary business knowledge and manners before being assigned to the field
  • Obtain necessary business skills before employment commences, with follow-up training after employment to apply the knowledge that was learned.