National Staff TrainingDevelop overseas leaders / improve performance of core talent / select and train global executives

How is this different from training Japanese people? What are the benefits?

More and more companies are investing in training national staff, which coincides with the expansion of global human resource management systems. However, it is challenging to create an effective national staff training program given the wide range of backgrounds and learning preferences.

CICOM BRAINS has extensive experience providing training programs for non-Japanese staff across all levels. Working with a network of lecturers from around the world, we can customize programs to meet the specific needs of each company while offering professional content comparable to a business school. We also offer planning, operational and evaluation support.

Comparison with Japanese Staff Training
 Japanese Staff TrainingNational Staff Training
  • Understand content
  • Learn skills
  • Network
  • Foster a sense of company identity
  • Think as an executive
  • Low
  • High
  • Dislike uncertainty
  • Prefer progress as planned
  • Focus on details
  • Willing to take risks
  • Open to unplanned changes
  • Focus on main points