Strengthening the sales organizationBuilding a successful sales organization / Strengthening the ability of Asian staff to ask questions, propose solutions, and close the deal

Are there any barriers between the strategic plan and actual operations, or between the organization and the individual?

Operational headquarters, sales planning office
  • ・Local operations may not understand the vision of the business or sales strategy
  • ・Few people can carry out the new sales strategy
Human Resource Development Division
  • ・Training fitted to the needs of operational headquarters
  • ・People in the field do not have access to mid to long-term human resource development
Sales branches and sections
  • ・Cannot change their sales methodology
  • ・Cannot spend much time or labor on OJT

Despite its proven effectiveness, only a few organizations practice the consultative or problem solving approach to sales. Moving from a product selling to a problem solving approach requires a change in organizational mindset in addition to the attainment of certain individual skills. The organizational mission, values and communication of sales, operations & HR must be fully aligned in order to make the problem-solving approach work.

This requires transformation to a “Continuously Learning Organization.”

In addition to enhancing the knowledge and skill-set of each person, committing the sales team to supplying value to the customer’s organization is a key to a successful transformation.Most customers have already chosen supplier candidates before they are ready to receive concrete proposals.In order to be a supplier candidate, it is necessary to detect needs before they become apparent to the customer, present a clear recommendation based on a thorough customer analysis, and address any related customer issues / concerns.

Knowledge-based organizations require continuous learning throughout the entire company to establish a strong competitive advantage. Additionally, customer issues change as circumstances change, which necessitates a continuously learning organization.

CICOM BRAINS offers extensive solutions for sales organization to foster continuous learning. We support your organization by identifying issues based on field research and assessments, supplying extensive learning contents, providing a sales meeting style learning environment, and reviewing study materials and practices while measuring their impact through all stages.