Female ManagersAddressing the shortage of female managerial candidates / Enhancing confidence

  • Solution

Examples of Issues and Solutions

Customer Issues 1
  • Getting female managers to exhibit confident leadership
  • Establishing an axis to avoid bad decisions and poor conduct under difficult conditions
  • Self-reflecting and building own leadership style
  • Developing the managerial vision
  • Learning to confront the male-dominant corporate culture
Customer Issues 2
  • Considering how candidates should be trained (from the boss’s perspective)
  • Developing a mid and long-term career plan for female subordinates
  • Sounding out career plans for female subordinates through one-on-one interviews
  • Assigned / delegating work to female subordinates
  • Motivating female subordinates to succeed
Customer Issues 3
  • Selecting and training executive candidates from the pool of female managers
  • Setting objective criteria for selecting female executive candidates
  • Evaluating female executive candidates and coming up with a personality profile
  • Building and executing an action plan for female executive candidates using feedback sessions