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Visual media

Visual media has a stronger impact than other kinds of media in terms of emotional (sympathy, antipathy, impression、feelings), informational (awareness, understanding, remembering), and behavioral aspects (desires, contemplation, actions). All of which enhances the learning effect. Corporations, government entities and educational institutions have long realized this to be true and have incorporated elements of visual media in their training. The evolution of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) together with improvements in video production has created a new form of education known as MOOC (Mass Open Online Courses).

With this in mind, CICOM BRAINS and its subsidiary company, CICOM BRAINS Learning Media, have launched a series of new initiatives in education and training. By unitizing a company’s collective intelligence (experience and knowledge) cultivated through actual past experience, we hope to find new ways to add value to our clients’ organizational & staff development.

<Application examples>
  • Standardize educational / training programs

    Example: Individuals can view the same lecturer’s course worldwide.

  • Create a platform to share ideas

    Example: Share thoughts worldwide on a subject through online discussions.

  • Rationalize lecture time

    Example: By placing the lecture in a media component, training can focus more on work application. Furthermore, individuals can view lecture contents multiple times to enhance understanding.

  • Customize the learning experience

    Example: Through self-directed learning, spaced learning and videos, individuals can learn at their own pace.

  • Increase learning flexibility

    Example: Mobile learning can meet the needs of busy individuals who are always on the go.