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Business Development Process

Utilizing a project-based approach, participants will develop business plans by identifying areas where their company has a competitive advantage. This will involve learning how to analyze the market environment and strengths of a company in order to develop realistic business plans.


  • Developing new products and markets
  • Introducing new products to existing markets
  • Creating new value by re-organizing and integrating value chain or business processes


The Business Development Process is comprised of a planning and mentoring phase. The planning phase (3-7 day workshop) will address how to analyze markets, develop business plans, and present recommendations to executives, with facilitation provided by experienced instructors. The mentoring phase (3 months to 1 year) focuses on implementing and refining business plans with hands-on advice provided by experienced mentors.


  • Identifying business areas where potential synergies exist
  • Analyzing markets and conducting feasibility studies
  • Developing business plans
    (value proposition, target customers, marketing strategy, financial plan, organization plan)
  • Presenting recommendations to senior management
  • Implementing action plans, verifying and refining business plans
  • Monitoring business plans

Key toSuccess

  • All participants must make the necessary commitment to participate fully in the ongoing project
  • Support and commitment from management after their decision to proceed with a business plan (full utilization of company resources)