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Global Diversity Training

And management of diversity in a global level,
Learn the knowledge and skills will transform the competitiveness

Targeted Participants / Required English Ability Intermediate to Advanced level of fluency in English (730 or above in TOEIC)
Duration 1 day (7 hours)
Knowledge and Skills to be covered

Participants will learn the knowledge and skills necessary for managing diversity in global business environments. Through taking this training they will be able to utilize diversity to strengthen their company's competitiveness.

Cross Cultural Awareness
  • What is Culture?
  • Layers of Culture
  • High Context Vs. Low Context Communication Styles
  • Video Exercise
  • Discussion Activity
Diversity Management
  • What is Diversity?
  • Understand and Respect Differences
  • Benefits of Diversity
  • Managing Multi-cultural Team
  • Case Study: "Diversity as Strategy"