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Communication Skills for Executives

Customized for brush-up course of communication skills for the business executive-level person

English level / subject
  • Officers - Head of the class, who need to learn English expression that was put meat on the situation in English or appropriate job title and job title
  • (Reference point more than 700 TOEIC) Intermediate to Advanced
Standard implementation time

About two months ~ (x5 times about 2 hours) Intensive

  • * number of days and implementation of curriculum English levels and positions are different, depending on the student's learning needs.
  • * We will propose the optimal contents of customized programs to meet the needs of our student consultants.
Can learn knowledge, skills

This course is provided to customize the hearing to elaborate on the needs of students.
In many cases, experienced native instructor of international business will coach students one-on-one with the material actually used.

In typical situations do the coaching has something like the following.

  • In a joint meeting with foreigners, and preside at communication style appropriate to the position
  • Headquarters to report performance for executives in foreign companies
  • Make a presentation and speech at the appropriate representation in top management as posted overseas destination
  • Make presentations and answer questions at a briefing for foreign investors IR
  • Make the discussion as a panelist at an international conference or to speak