The Culture Factor @Tokyo 2016 Simultaneous Interpreting


Time 9:40am-10:00am

Revisit to Hofstede who opened the new door of cross-cultural management research

A strategic challenge facing global companies is how they can transform cultural diversity into another set of competitive advantages. This introduction revisits Hofstede’s epoch-making works that opened the door of Cross-Cultural Management as a scientific research. Possible development of Cross-Cultural Management into the next stage will be discussed as well.

Masataka Ota

Ph.D. Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Waseda University

As an expert in International Business and Cross-Cultural Management, Dr. OTA has published a number of books, papers, articles, and cases primarily focusing on Global Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management. His current research focuses on how Japanese service business companies can sustain their competitive advantages in this complex globalization. He also analyses how Japanese managers could be developed into real global leaders from the lens of cross-cultural management.