The Culture Factor @Tokyo 2016 Simultaneous Interpreting

Key Note Speech-1

Time 10:00am-10:45am

Culture: a wall, or a curtain?

All people wish to behave properly to others who belong to their world. The unwritten rules about what constitutes proper behaviour, and about who belongs, differ across the world. That is what culture is about. As a result, actions that seem evil, silly, or forbidden in one place could be normal in another one. One culture’s wall can be another culture’s curtain, that you can easily pass through.

Gert Jan Hofstede

Associate Professor, University Wageningen

Gert Jan Hofstede (born 1956, population biology, PhD), son of Geert, is a biologist of human social behaviour. In his career he tackled various subjects: trust and transparency in international networks, simulation gaming, computational social simulation. In most of his work the role of culture, an essential part of human social biology, is large. Gert Jan is also a charismatic speaker. He has worked with audiences in business and academia around the world.