The Culture Factor @Tokyo 2016 Simultaneous Interpreting

Key Note Speech-2

Time 15:50pm-16:20am

How to align your culture with your strategy in the best possible way?

Culture has been an important topic for management but only few % of business leaders feel that they leverages their culture in an effective manner. In this key note speech, Bob will talk about why culture matters for today’s organizations, how to visualize it and leverage it as a key driver for organizational performance with some business cases from merger and acquisition, post-merger integration, globalization, etc. He will share his insights for Japanese companies and organizations taking into consideration technological innovations as well as the national culture of Japan.

Bob Waisfisz

Managing Partner, the hofstede centre / Founder of itim International

Bob is the founder of itim International in 1985 and the hofstede centre, He is an economist who has worked for the ILO, a UN organization and for industry. Since 1969 he travels extensively and his work has taken him to over 65 countries. Starting around twenty five years ago he has developed quick scans to measure actual and desired cultures of organizations, based on additional research conducted by Geert Hofstede in the 1980's. Moreover, he has developed a fully integrated tool kit to assist management consultants to help their clients in meeting their objectives in the best possible way.