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Information in English

Date: 2017

HPC® Consultative Sales Skills Training Program
– 1 Day Training for Thai Sales and Business Personnel

As Thailand integrates into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), businesses must ensure their employees are equipped with the necessary skills to compete and thrive in a more competitive marketplace. Consultative selling is one of the areas that is becoming increasingly important to achieve corporate objective/goal. The ability to grasp customer needs and provide the best possible solutions is so critical to success. During this training, participants will learn how to get better understandings of the customer mindset and selling process using the “Market-In Approach” (not “Product-Out Approach”) through a lecture, practical exercises and role plays facilitated by CICOM BRAINS UBCL experienced professional instructor. Participants will then be able to put the knowledge and techniques gained through the course into practice straight away in their daily business dealings.

This program has been provided to many of the leading companies in Japan over the past 20 years and now is also being offered in China, Singapore, Indonesia and here in Thailand.

For Thai Sales and Business Personnel:

March 7th (Wed)
May 23rd (Wed)
August 22nd (Wed)
October 17th (Wed)

Date: 2017

Intercultural Management Program

Intercultural competence is a critical skill for anyone working in an international environment, especially for managers. Recognizing and respecting cultural differences is the key to building healthy and successful business relationships, both within and outside the organization.

In this program, participants will be provided with practical knowledge and actual case examples to enhance their cultural IQ. The session will incorporate one of the best-known cultural frameworks, “Hofstede’s 6D (Dimensions) Model” and be facilitated by CICOM BRAINS UBCL senior instructor with over 20 years of intercultural experience in Thailand. Through practical exercises and role plays, participants will improve their awareness of cultural differences and its impact on business communications, and be able to mitigate the risks of misunderstanding and manage intercultural communication (especially between Japanese and Thai) more effectively.

For Japanese Expats: Middle of March (TBA)

For Thai Business Personnel: Middle of March (TBA)

Information in Japanese


HPC®営業力強化研修 公開講座

東南アジアにおいて日系企業が最も多く進出しているタイでは、かつてのような経済成長が望めなくなりつつあることや、2015年のAEC(ASEAN経済共同体)発足、中間所得層の増加を受け、従来のプロダクトアウト的な戦略ではなく、マーケットイン型の戦略や顧客ニーズを把握して課題解決提案をする「コンサルティング型営業」の重要性が高まっています。特に非日系・ローカル系企業との取引拡大を目指したい日系企業にとっては、タイ人営業パーソンの能力開発は急務といえるでしょう。 当社では、日本で20年以上の実績を有し、近年は中国やシンガポール、インドネシアでも実施されている『HPC営業力強化研修プログラム』をタイ語で提供し、タイ人営業パーソンのスキル向上を支援いたします。




異文化理解と適応トレーニング 公開講座






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